Confirmed Sponsors

Think Tank Maths

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University of Kent (Graduate School)

Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical ResearchheilbronnLMS (London Mathematical Society)


Edinburgh Mathematical Society


Oxford University Press

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IMA (The Institute of Mathematics & its Applications)


The YRM committee invites you to become a sponsor for our event to benefit mathematical postgraduate students in the UK.

The primary source of funding for YRM is from corporate sponsors, as the YRM receives no governmental funds.

The funds provided by this event will be used for covering some travel and accomodation costs for the speakers of the plenary talks, providing meals to the speakers and participants as well as a simple welcome pack and creating identification cards.

The benefits of being a YRM sponsor

We can offer you a wide range of ways to advertise your company/ institutions depending on your contribution

  • Your logo will appear in the informative and schedule booklet.
  • Your logo will appear on our website.
  • Your logo will appear in the foyer banner.
  • Your logo will appear in the committee t-shirts.
  • You can provide us with advertising stationery which we will give to the participants in their welcome bag.
  • Your logo will appear in the public lecture leaflet, which we will distribute not only at the university but in the city.
  • You could sponsor the conference dinner. In that case, we would put the name and logo of your company or institution on the diner table.
  • You could sponsor the meals. In that case, we would put the name and logo of your company or institution on the lunch tables.

If you have any suggestions regarding ways to promote your sponsorship, feel free to tell us!

Your sponsorship will help ensure the success of YRM2017.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.